The Latin word pontifex literally means "bridge builder".  It exemplifies our passion, purpose and the value we bring to our clients who seek to minimize organizational and individual conflicts, as well as, the costs associated with conflict.  Whether a conflict is internal or involves a constituent group such as owners, we can help you build a bridge between different perspectives on important issues and improve working relationships.

Major Services:

  • Conflict Management System Design. We create or enhance conflict management systems for organizations by building integrated designs.  We have created or contributed to the design of conflict management systems for leading Fortune 500 Companies.   The fourth largest defense company in the United States uses a conflict management system designed and nationally implemented  by Warren Cunningham.
  • Mediation. We provide mediation services. Federal agencies such as the U. S. Postal Service, the Transportation Security Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission have engaged our staff to mediate conflicts within their organizations. 
  • Investigations. We conduct employment-based investigations for organizations that are seeking confidential and unbiased assessment of issues that could potentially lead to litigation if not handled properly. Client organizations may have a Human Resources person, but that person may not have the background or tools to conduct an investigation that will withstand legal challenge – our investigations can.
  • Vulnerability Audits. If your organization does not have a union and you want to maintain that status, it is in your best interest to periodically conduct a vulnerability audit to identify issues that could lead to a union organizing attempt.
  • New Leader Assimilation. We facilitate a process called “New Leader Assimilation” that has been shown to accelerate the effectiveness of new leaders by 3 to 6 months.  Many of the Fortune 500 companies use this process.   The New Leader Assimilation process was introduced to Wal-Mart by a Pontifex Conflict Management consultant.

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