Total Compensation and Rewards Management

Attracting, retaining and motivating quality employees requires a total compensation approach which encompasses base pay, incentive and performance management. Each of these components have a specific purpose in the overall strategy to deliver the right level of rewards to employees. Our approach to base pay utilizes a time-tested methodology that integrates organizational values, internal job relationships and the external market to establish equitable and competitive reward levels.

Executive Compensation/Incentive Plans

Effective retention and motivation of executive level managers may require the use of incentives to ensure continued performance for the organization. Customized packages are designed to include: non-cash entitlements; perquisites, expanded health and welfare benefits; and cash incentives. To maximize the retention potential of these plans, payouts can be structured over several years and/or tied to long term performance. We work with you to develop incentive plans that not only motivate but deliver value to your organization.

Performance Development Systems

Organizations with competency-based development programs appear to financially outperform those without such programs. Competencies drive performance and provide the foundation for employee success and continued career development. Our consultants customize programs to reflect your business strategy and drive attention to your performance requirements.

Succession Management

Do you look at you workforce and see a significant portion of your staff retiring in the near future? Do you worry how you are going to bridge the gap when all of that knowledge and expertise starts focusing on the grandchildren rather than managing your system? Our approach is an exciting business-driven approach to succession management. It prepares your organization for the future by dovetailing process engineering with current and future talent requirements and creating a competency ladder for success.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Your organization runs well, but does the way you do business support the challenges you will face in future?

To position your utility to meet the challenges of the future, ongoing strategic planning at all levels is an essential management tool.

A formal strategic planning process focuses your organization on long-term viability. Strategic planning is creating a vision of the future and managing toward that outcome. It's operating under a mission statement umbrella that focuses the organization's effort. It's an effective process for aligning your short-term decisions with your long-term goals.